The Best of Cork – Top 10 Instagram-mable Spots in Cork

They say it’s all for the ‘gram’ these days. We think it’s more than just a photo but an experience.
There are so many lovely places in Cork to see and only our eyes are the true witness of how beautiful this place can be.
So, let’s get you started on a list of places to go, start capturing those lovely moments to share with your friends and family and make those memories last.

1. Cobh

A photogenic town nestled on an island in Cork city’s harbour just a 25-minute drive from Clayton Hotel Cork City. Pronounced as Cove and Famous for its Titanic Museum, towering Cathedral and brightly coloured houses where its streets climb the steep slope of a hill.

2. St Finbarr’s Cathedral

From way up high to all the way down below, we don’t think there’s an angle where St Finbarr’s Cathedral doesn’t look amazing! This church had gorgeous architecture, stained glass windows, and was full of history. It’s the most recent ecclesiastical site located where the saint is believed to have founded his monastic school in the 7th century. The whole location is absolutely picturesque and just a 15 minute walk from Clayton Hotel Cork City.

3. Gougane Barra

Visit one of Ireland’s hidden gems! Take a stroll under the Sitka spruce trees at Gougane Barra or pop in the adorable Gougane church. You will find here one of Lonely Planet’s ‘Top 100 toilets’, waterfalls and spectacular forest walks and lake views.  Your snaps will never disappoint you whenever you visit the stunning Irish vistas of Gougane Barra. It’s worth a drive from Clayton Hotel Cork City.


4. Crawford Art Gallery

For the love of art, Crawford Art Gallery is a must visit! Founded in 1818, it is the regional art museum for Munster, located in a significant heritage building in the heart of Cork city dedicated to the visual arts, both historic and contemporary. The gallery has been an important attraction for both local and foreign visitors, a critical part of Ireland’s cultural and tourism infrastructure, welcoming over 200,000 visitors a year.  It’s just an 8 minute walk from Clayton Hotel Cork City.

5. Old Head of Kinsale

Do you want to take on a road trip to heaven? This is the best spot for people looking to discover the best of Cork has to offer. The Old Head of Kinsale is a headland near Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland and stretches about 4.5 km into the Celtic Sea.. Sitting and looking out from the Old Head of Kinsale has this magical power of making you feel so small versus the immense vastness of the cliffs and sea. The smaller you feel, the smaller your worries and woes do as well.  It’s worth a drive from Clayton Hotel Cork. 

6. Shandon Bells

Plan a worthwhile visit at Cork’s famous Shandon Bells & Tower.  It’s one of the oldest churches in the city built in 1722 and offers the best views across Cork City. It’s just a 15-minute walk from Clayton Hotel Cork City.
Did you know that the bells weigh over 6 tonnes in total? That’s the weight of 2 grown elephants! It also offers the best views across Cork City. Climb the 132 steps in this towering 120 ft structure and ring the bell in the first floor.

7. Kinsale

If you are looking for a picturesque place to spend a day out then the popular and historic town of Kinsale is your go to place. Situated 30 min drive from Clayton Hotel Cork City. It is the medieval fishing port in County Cork and is quite famous for its lovely café’s, colourful houses and quaint shops which provides a perfect background for your lovely snap of photos.

8. Ballycotton Lighthouse

Experience the fresh sea air, beautiful cliff walks and be mesmerized by the natural beauty that Ballycotton Lighthouse has to offer. It is one of only two black lighthouses in Ireland. The village of Ballycotton is known for some of the best seafood around so why not tackle the three-hour cliff walk and reward yourself with a portion of fish and chips? And make sure not to forget taking those selfies by the cliff walk!

9. River and Park Walk at Fitzgerald Park

Located on the banks of River Lee, this 18-acre park on Mardyke Walk is a short stroll away from Clayton Hotel Cork City. Enjoy the lovely surroundings of some greenery with plenty of lawns to sit, a duck pond, a river & a bridge all close by. The gardens are  in full bloom during summer & well maintained with portable toilets, a kid’s play park. You’d also love the “graffiti lane” across the road by the University Sports grounds which can be a colourful background for your Instagram photos. A lovely museum and a scrumptious café is just within reach and a great place for people of all ages to go visit!

10. English Market

Explore the Old English Market, known as Ireland’s most famous covered food market, located in the heart of Cork city and open for almost 234 years already since 1788.  A food lovers paradise, it has everything from fresh fish to fresh wine. An important part of food culture in Cork and the perfect place to take those Instagram foodie photos. One of the top places to visit in Cork, here you can also meet one of the nicest fishmongers in the world too!

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