Sustainability & Environment Policy

From everyday efficiencies to new innovations, Clayton Hotel Cork City always aims to have a positive impact on the environment.

Environment, Energy Management & Emissions

We recognise the importance of managing and reducing our energy and Greenhouse Gas emissions. To this end, we have an active program of measurement and reporting our performance in these areas across the hotel.


Water is a critical resource, and we recognise our responsibility to engage in conservation projects. We have implemented a number of activities across the hotel including the use of glass bottles used in all our meeting rooms, bars, and restaurants to reduce our plastic and water usage.

We have installed showers that use less than 7.5 litres of water per minute and self-closing taps.


Removing single-use plastics from all aspects of our business is the primary waste reduction.

We work closely with Greenstar Waste Management on this but also have eliminated plastics straws from use in all hotels, and replacing them with paper, compostable versions. We use specialist food waste companies to manage our waste produce in order to minimise the negative environmental impact we have.

Car Transportation

We have taken steps to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for transportation through staff education on available low-carbon driving options such as taking the train, if possible.

If employees use their cars for company journey’s we encourage carpooling amongst our sister hotels.

Public electric car charge points are located within 500m of the hotel at Kent Train Station.


We have a number of supportive structures to encourage green commuting with bike parking stations located in Lapps Quay Car Park.  Our employees can avail of a discounted bike to work scheme or of the Cork bike-share station location on our doorstep.


Flying is unavoidable in certain circumstances, but we encourage our team to fly wisely and only as necessary.

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Living Green

Discover more about how Clayton Hotels are Living Green.


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