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Hotels near Fota Wildlife park

Hotel near Fota Wildlife Park

20 Minute Drive Away

Fota Wildlife Park, is located on 100 acres at Fota Island 10km east of Cork City and has an annual attendance of 440,000 visitors. It is currently the second largest visitor attraction in Ireland outside of Leinster.

Fota Wildlife Park is not like an ordinary zoo. Wherever possible they have chosen animals that thrive in a free-range environment, which allows them to roam free, while mixed with other species and with us human visitors. Ever Year Fota adds various attractions to their site and in 2016 the new male Asiatic Lion took pride of place at Fota.

Shanto who arrived to the Wildlife Park from Spain joins Gita and Gira, the two female lions who arrived in Fota earlier this year, and they can be found in the new Lion Habitat in the wildlife park’s Asian Sanctuary. With so many interesting animals, and lots of things to keep the kids entertained, Fota really is the perfect family day out.

Beside it is FOTA House & Arboretum. This fine Regency-style building in a pleasant landscape setting on Fota Island, is complemented by the internationally renowned gardens and arboretum. The house is a celebration of fine craftsmanship and has a particularly well appointed kitchen. It reflects well the life-style of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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